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Taino Symbols are a significant part of the cultural heritage of the Taino people, who were indigenous to the Caribbean islands. These symbols hold deep meanings and represent various aspects of Taino life

Larimar is a rare blue variety of the silicate mineral pectolite. It is found only in the Dominican Republic. Larimar is highly sought after within the metaphysical community as it is believed to be a healing stone.

Amethyst is a natural tranquiliser, it relieves stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger,rage, fear and anxiety.

Amber is a hard, yellowish to brownish translucent fossil resin. It is often referred to as the "gold of the North" due to its warm luster. It is formed from the resin of ancient evergreen trees. It can be found in various shades of yellow, with nuances of orange, brown, and sometimes even red.

Blue amber is known to uplift spirits and improve mood. It has a calming effect on turbulent emotions and can help ease anxiety, stress, and emotional strain.

Insects - Amber is fossilized tree resin, and when insects get trapped in the sticky resin, they can become preserved over millions of years. This provides a unique glimpse into ancient ecosystems and allows scientists to study the morphology and behavior of these ancient insects.

Black coral also known as Antipatharians or thorn corals, is a type of soft deep-water coral. It is characterized by its jet-black or dark brown chitin skeletons, which are surrounded by colored polyps. The skeletons of black coral are stiff and have tiny spines on their surface, making them distinctive among other corals.

The symbols of Japan hold significant cultural and historical meanings. These symbols are deeply rooted in Japanese culture and hold great significance in various aspects of life, including art, literature, and spirituality.

Petoskey stone is a type of rock and fossil that is often pebble-shaped. It is composed of a fossilized rugose coral called Hexagonaria percarinata. Petoskey stones are unique and elusive treasures for stone seekers. They are found in Michigan.

Sea shell is the hard protective outer layer created by marine mollusks such as snails, clams, and oysters. These shells are typically composed of calcium carbonate and are often intricately patterned and colored, making them prized for decorative and ornamental purposes. Sea shells are commonly found washed up on beaches and shores around the world.

Red Jasper Red jasper is a type of gemstone that belongs to the mineral group known as jasper. It is an opaque variety of silica, Red jasper is considered a protective stone and has been used for thousands of years for its ability to create and balance aggressive emotions.

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